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1952 - Perl-Mack Enterprises is Founded

After returning home to Denver from service in the US Coast Guard, Jordon Perlmutter builds his first house in North Denver, marking the beginning of Perl-Mack Enterprises. Over the course of the next three decades, Perl-Mack Enterprises would go on to build over 20,000 single family and multi-family homes, becoming the largest home builder in Colorado and one of the largest in the country.

1950s - Perl-Mack begins to focus on larger scale communities

Perl-Mack begins to focus on building larger scale residential communities. The company completes several housing developments including Perl-Mack Manor, a 2,300 home community offering a variety of designs and styles.

1959 - Perl-Mack begins work on Northglenn

Perl-Mack begins work on Northglenn, a master-planned community containing over 6,000 homes. The development featured numerous community-oriented amenities including a golf course, swimming pools, schools, churches, shopping centers, civic facilities, and an industrial park. Northglenn received numerous awards including being named “The Most Perfectly Planned Community in America” by TIME Magazine, and “Best Home for the Money in Southwestern United States” by American Home Magazine.

1960s–1970s - Perl-Mack continues development of planned communities

Perl-Mack continues to develop the planned communities of Northglenn, Southglenn and Montbello. The company surpasses 20,000 single and multi-family homes.

1961 - Southglenn Homes

Perl-Mack begins work on the Southglenn, a 650 acre subdivision consisting of 1,600 homes located in Arapahoe County. The Southglenn development offered a mix of ranch-style, two-story, and tri-level homes on various sized lots. The community was built around a private country club complete with a swimming pool, tennis facilities, and nine-hole golf course with memberships provided to home owners at no cost with the purchase of a Southglenn home.

1962 - PerlMack 10th Anniversary Party at Red Rocks

As a thank you to residents of Northglenn and Southglenn, Perl-Mack brings Tony Bennet and June Christy to Red Rocks for a 10th Anniversary Party.

1965 - Flood destroys Perl-Mack offices

Floods of June 1965 in Denver destroy the Perl-Mack then principal offices at 405 Vallejo Street.

1969 - Northglenn Mall Opens

The company opens the 800,000 square foot Northglenn Mall, one of the first enclosed malls to open in the Denver area.

1969 - Northglenn Becomes Its Own City

1970 - Montbello Homes

1974 - Southglenn Mall

The company opens the 1 million square foot Southglenn Mall, one of Denver's premier shopping malls located in Arapahoe County.

1983 - Jordon Perlmuter & Co. is formed

Perl-Mack Enterprises is dissolved and Jordon Perlmutter & Co. is co-founded by Jordon Perlmutter and son Jay Perlmutter.

1983 - Southwest Plaza

Jordon Perlmutter & Co. opens Southwest Plaza in Unincorporated Jefferson County. The 1.5 million square foot development becomes the largest enclosed shopping center between Los Angeles and St. Louis.

1990s - Belleview Shores, Chanson Plaza, Bowles Village, Bowles Crossing, and Plaza on the Green

Jordon Perlmutter & Co. develops several leading outdoor shopping centers in Southwest Denver including the 441,000 square foot Belleview Shores, the 170,000 square foot Chanson Plaza, the 107,000 square foot Bowles Village, the 410,00 square foot Bowles Crossing, and the 100,000 square foot Plaza on the Green.

1997 - Great Mall of the Great Plains

Jordon Perlmutter & Co. co-develops the 1 million square foot Great Mall of the Great Plains in Olathe, Kansas.

1998 - Groundbreaking at Marketplace at Northglenn

After having developed the original Northglenn Mall in 1969, Jordon Perlmutter & Co. reacquires and redevelops the property into a 650,000 square foot outdoor retail center known as the Marketplace at Northglenn.

2000 - Buell Mansion

The company revisits its roots as a community builder by developing the Buell Mansion property, a 116-acre gated residential development in Cherry Hills Village. Project included 110 single family lots and a club house/mansion with amenities.

2001 - CIS Award

Jordon Perlmutter is awarded the Community / Business Award by the Center for International Studies.

2002 - Multiple Sclerosis Society Award

The Colorado Chapter of the Multiple Sclerosis Society awards Jordon Perlmutter & Co. their Mission Possible 2002 award.

2003 - Bristol Village

The company completes the development of Bristol Village, a 240 unit multi-family project near Northrop Grumman and Buckley Air Force Base in Aurora.

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