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1601 Wewatta, Denver, CO
Enhancing our communities through the built environment since 1952


Jordon Perlmutter & Co. brings forth vision by incorporating tradition, reliability, innovation and service as one of the foremost companies in the Rocky Mountain Region covering all aspects of real estate development in order to enhance communities and businesses in Denver and surrounding areas.

The company focuses its mission on the acquisition, development, management and leasing of commercial and multi-family properties by working with both nationally recognized and entrepreneurial companies, financial institutions, families, individuals and communities.

Company Profile

The Perlmutter name in Colorado is behind many outstanding commercial and residential projects in the Denver metropolitan area. Jordon Perlmutter & Co. and Perl-Mack Enterprises have been in the business of developing, managing and leasing property since 1952.

Jordon Perlmutter co-founded Perl-Mack Enterprises and began with the development of residential communities in the Denver metropolitan area. The company developed the planned communities of Northglenn, Southglenn and Montbello, which not only included housing but also included schools, parks and community facilities. Perl-Mack Enterprises then focused on building, leasing and managing of multifamily, office, and retail projects. These projects included three of the Denver area’s largest malls; Northglenn Mall, Southglenn Mall and Southwest Plaza.

Immediately after Perl-Mack Enterprises dissolved in 1983, Jordon Perlmutter & Co. was founded with Jordon as its president and son Jay Perlmutter as its vice president. The company continues to focus on the development, management and leasing of high quality, well located commercial and multifamily properties. Since inception the company has developed 22,000 single and multifamily units and over eight million square feet of commercial properties and currently manages and leases a portfolio of over 2.7 million square feet. The retail, industrial, and office holdings include and excellent mix of businesses and organizations well known both locally and nationally.

Jordon Perlmutter & Co. looks to the future in creating new and innovative projects that broaden the experience for consumers. These projects create better communities by allowing for additional employment opportunities along with enhancing and preserving safe and attractive cities and counties.

Special attention is placed on the location and design of all of the properties that Jordon Perlmutter & Co. develops and manages. Jordon Perlmutter & Co. utilizes the finest architects, engineers and specialists both in house and in the Rocky Mountain Region who focus on the planning details of each particular project.

Jordon Perlmutter & Co. is located in lower downtown Denver, geographically central to all of its projects in the metropolitan area.

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